Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailDo you ever wonder, really let yourself wonder, about where you would be if you had taken one or two different turns earlier in life?

What if you had gone to a different college? Or moved somewhere else after graduation?

What if you had pursued a different career option? Became a writer in your twenties instead of your forties.

Then there’s that guy you broke up with. What if you had stayed with him? Or that other guy who had broken up with you? What if you had decided to fit in to his mold of what a potential wife should be?

And there’s this big one for me: What if I had decided to stay married, despite my unhappiness and the many shortcomings in my first marriage?

I started wondering all of these things this morning because the picture of an old boyfriend popped up on my Facebook feed this morning. A random friend of a friend kind of thing. And it got me wondering. And I started feeling a kind of longing for things that could have been.

But I can’t wonder for too long.

Because all of these things that happened, these different turns that I took earlier in life, have led me to here.

And I’m pretty happy with where I’m sitting.