How could she be anything but sweet?

A decade ago.


It’s still dark outside.

I walk in right on time.

Well, maybe a minute early.

So that I have time to watch her sleep.

She looks just like the toddler she used to be.

Except now her bed is bigger and so is she.

Peaceful. Tangled up in her sheets.

I speak softly, knowing that she needs me to be gentle.

But she doesn’t stir.

So I get a little louder.

I get a response.


But her eyes are still closed.

This is the moment.

We could go either way.

And have a pleasant morning before high school.

Or one filled with moans, sighs and maybe even a few eye rolls.

She sits up. And smiles.

I’ve won the lottery today. And they’re not taking out any tax.

The beast is a beauty.

And I go back downstairs to make her breakfast.

Knowing that tomorrow morning is only 24 hours away.

And college is in another three years.

Me and Julia on the stairs

December 2008