After all of these years of working on computers, I finally got it. My first virus. XP Antispyware 2009. Those fuckers (yes, that’s what they are) make a virus that manifests itself as a communication from Microsoft. They even call it XP. Someone, probably an unsuspecting elementary school student child of mine, clicked on something that she shouldn’t have. I have other anti-virus software but I guess its not up to snuff.

So, this virus keeps telling me that my computer is in danger and I need to download their antivirus software. And every time I need to go to another page, the message pops up again and BLOCKS me from going to that page. Assholes. So I threw in the towel the other night and said I was going to take it to someone (I don’t know who) and get it fixed. But today my can-do spirit kicked in. Also the fear of having to pay someone loads of money when perhaps I could do it. I’m fairly technologically savvy.

I did my research on the internet and came up with a solution. It costs me $29.99 but that’s for a year’s subscription to SpyHunter. This would be a good time to get product placement fees if I had an audience!

I ran the program and poof, all is well. You never forget your first!