rosesIn honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to share with you the story behind the best pick-up line ever.

“Give me a kiss and make it worth your while.”

Spoken by my second husband. Way before I ever thought I would have him as my second husband much less even have a second husband.

I had been divorced from the father of my children for a year or two. And I had met my not-too-soon-to-be second husband in his restaurant one morning. He was very friendly. To the kids. He kind of ignored me. Which was okay. I wasn’t there for flirting. Just for some chicken, pasta and bread to go.

As  often happens, once I knew who he was, I began seeing him all over our small-ish town. In the grocery store. On the road. And in the local bar that we both frequented. (Of course, I only went on the nights that I did not have parent duty. Duh.)

We became friendly, chatting it up when we ran in to each other.

Then, one Thursday night at the bar, he won my heart. Or at least made me laugh. Which is the way to my heart. Well, that and food.

I was there with this guy that I had been dating for a few months. He was kind of possessive. And I knew it wasn’t long-term. He was nice enough but I was getting a little tired of his desire to spend more time together. When I had my kids, I just wanted to be with my kids. I didn’t want to do the whole boyfriend and his kids extended family kind of thing.

This night, my not-too-soon-to-be second husband was flirting with me. And I was flirting back. My ball and chain boyfriend was not very happy. I think he knew that his days with me were numbered and he was trying to hold on to our relationship as best he could.

I got up from our table outside to go to the bathroom. And before I made it to the back of the bar, there was not-too-soon-to-be second husband. He had gone around to the side entrance to “bump” in to me.

We stood there for a few moments laughing about something, talking closely because the band was loud. And in a flash, a third person was there. It was the soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

He was not too happy. A little sweaty and flustered. And he asked, “Is there something going on here that I should know about?”

Not-too-soon-to-be second husband and I looked at each other. And we both shook our heads no. Soon-to-be ex-boyfriend continued on his way to the bathroom.

And then the best pick-up line ever came out of my not-too-soon-to-be second husband’s mouth.

“You’re already in trouble here. So you might as well give me a kiss and make it worth your while.”

Oh, how I wanted to. I almost did. But I hate confrontation. Plus soon-to-be ex-boyfriend was my ride home.

But a few days later, soon-to-be ex-boyfriend became just ex-boyfriend. The final straw was him wanting to hire a clown to take my kids to dinner while he hosted a dinner party for me, my friends and my parents in honor of my birthday.

A few months later, not-too-soon-to-be second husband became my boyfriend. In a shot heard ’round the world. Or at least in our town.

And three years later, my boyfriend became my second husband. Now more commonly known as my husband, the one for me and the love of my life.

So Happy Valentine’s Day babe. I love you.

The last 10 years have definitely been worth my while.