A throne of shells fit for a Queen. Or for me.

Today is my birthday.

Yep, I’m 48 years old.

F@*k. That’s old.

But as my daughter told me today, “You don’t look 48. And you definitely  don’t act 48.”

Thanks kid. I should have spent an extra couple of bucks on your Hanukkah present.

The truth is I don’t mind turning 48. I feel pretty good. 48 is kind of a whatever year, noteworthy only in the fact that it’s getting me closer to 50.

Which is fine. I’m not panicking about being a half a century old. Yet. But my main thought about that momentous date? (Other than the blow-out celebration I’m going to have in Las Vegas.)

I am NOT going to go in to my 50’s being out of shape.

As I’ve confessed here before, I’ve gained some weight in the last few years. And gotten out of shape. And I don’t like it.

Luckily for me, I’ve found something to do that’s helping me achieve my pre-50’s goal.


And I have my friend Erin to thank for it. She had been bugging me to go to this spin class with her. For months. And I kept telling her that I would go with her. Whatever. She asked me a few times. And then finally she called my bluff and made me sign up.

I was nervous. The night before my first class, I had a dream about not being able to pedal for an ENTIRE hour. I woke up too early with my heart pounding through the old t-shirt I sleep in.

(No need for Freud here. My dreams are so transparent.)

But I went to the class. I made it through the hour without stopping. And I hated it. And I loved it.

Two months later, I still feel the same way. But I love it way more than I hate it.

And it’s not just the exercise. It’s the camaraderie. The awesome, and motivating, local couple who own the studio. Seeing the same friendly people class after class.

The regular exercise is working it’s magic on my late 40’s body. Muffin top, jiggly ass and all. I’ve lost a few pounds but more importantly, I’m getting toned. And I’m feeling more fit and stronger. Plus, the increased endorphins don’t hurt.

If I don’t go a couple of times a week, I miss it.

And for the first time in a while, I’m modeling the behavior that I want both of my kids, especially my teenage daughter, to see. The importance of regular exercise. Not of being skinny because that’s not my goal. But being fit.

So, I’m off to a birthday spin class.

Half a century is going to have nothing on me.

Myrtle Beach

Me and my grandparents. Myrtle Beach, early 1970’s.