Everybody has a few things that they’re afraid to tell a confidant, much less the entire blogging world.

But a bunch of bloggers are doing it. And I’m joining them.

A few days ago, I came across this post on Sarah Bryden-Brown’s Blogstar website explaining that there was this Internet meme going on. From what I’ve read about it, the wave started here, moved on to here and then here. Yesterday, I read the list that Sarah posted and was kind of floored by her honesty. And it made me like her even more.

The topic? Things I’m Afraid To Tell You.

Each list that I’ve read is so unique. And inspiring.

Here’s mine. Gulp.


Successful people intimidate me. I always think they’re smarter than me. And that I won’t have anything interesting to say to them.

Sometimes, I want to stop blogging. Because I think I’ll never be as good, or as successful, as her, or her or even him. But then I think, well, what else would I do?

I hate walking in to a room full of people by myself.

I’m not comfortable using the word “meme.”

It takes me a really long time to decide what I’m going to wear. For any occasion. So I usually default to my mom uniform. Which is boring and, well, boring.

I’m not organized. I can sit amidst a pile of papers and junk and go about my business. For days.

I love being the only one in my house. For long periods of time.

I wish my children went to bed earlier so I could spend more time with my husband, their stepfather.

I wish I could sleep naked.

I don’t always practice what I preach: sex is the most important thing in a marriage.

I over eat. Because I keep eating when I’m full. I’m afraid I’ll never have a meal as good as the one I’m having for as long as I live. Which is odd because my husband owns a restaurant and frequently cooks wonderful meals for me.

I’ve always felt that I am 5-10 pounds overweight. Even when I’m not.

I was in therapy for 18 months when I got divorced. I hated my therapist. I think she did a crappy job. Luckily, I’m okay.

I hate confrontation. And will go to extreme lengths to avoid it. (See first marriage.) I avoid it by not telling people what I really think of them or of what they’re saying.

Sometimes, I pee in the shower. (I don’t want this to be completely serious. I’m needing a little comic relief at this point.)


Ok, that was cathartic. And, well, a little scary to hit the publish button.But the beauty of this mini-movement? Anyone can do it. I think that you should. And then share it with us.

Tag, you’re it.

PS Check out my friend Sandra’s version too.