The Cycle of Beauty is something that became a necessity when I turned 40. The Cycle (pedicure, hair cut, hair coloring, bikini and eyebrow wax) occurs approximately every 6 weeks. I don’t really like the Cycle because it requires a lot of planning. But I have to do it. If I don’t complete the Cycle, I will be a grey, hairy woman with ugly looking feet. I’m not ready for that.

The pedicure is easy to get done. It just has to occur on a day that I have exercised early in the morning, so as not to smudge the polish by putting my toes in socks and sneakers.

The hair cut has to come before I color my hair. If my hair is longer, it is harder to get the color to go in all the right places. This is fairly easy to fit in because it only takes 15 minutes to cut and the stylist doesn’t blow dry my hair. But the salon is only open Wednesday through Saturday. And I am always the youngest one there, unless I bring my kids with me, because the salon caters to that generation of women who have their hair washed and styled on a weekly basis.

The hair coloring has to be done at a time when I don’t have to go swimming in the next 24-36 hours. Not an easy feat considering that I live in South Florida and we swim year round. Also, I spend so much on the pedicure, cut and waxing that I have to do this one myself. I don’t like to do it on a night that I am going out. Quite a few times, I have spilled some dye on my neck or gotten it on the side of my face. The spots don’t wash off easily and are hard to cover up with makeup. You might as well scream to the world “not only did I just get my hair colored, but I colored it myself”.

The bikini and eyebrow waxing requires the most planning. It has to occur on a day that I am not working or volunteering in my kids’ schools because the salon is far away. The whole experience, including driving time, takes at least an hour and a half. I’ve been going to the same aesthetician for over 6 years, since right before I got divorced. (I’ve since remarried). Before that I had never been waxed before. I followed her when she moved to her current location. She is the only one I trust to wax me because she goes into places that are very intimate. They might even be illegal. Only my husband, my gynecologist and she have been there. Because of this, I need to have showered that morning. I can’t go in my exercise clothes. I can’t have my period. Also, I can’t have used any Retinol skin care products in the last week. I didn’t follow this rule once and my eyelids were ripped off. Not a pretty sight to have scabs above your eyelashes. And if I’m going on a vacation with my husband, I like to get the waxing done right before we leave. When the waxing is all done, I feel thinner. And it makes the sex better.

It’s all worth it. I really do feel my best each time the Cycle of Beauty is completed. I was meant to be a dark brown haired, non-hairy woman with great looking feet no matter how old I am.