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Odds to End the Week (Valentine's Day edition)

Odds to End the Week (Valentine’s Day edition)

I am without my valentine on this February 14th. He’s off skiing in Colorado with a buddy. And having the time of his life. I get to spend the evening with my teen daughter and her BFF, making brownies, eating takeout and watching a marathon of romantic comedies. And there’s no place I’d rather be.
Best Pick-Up Line Ever (A Story For Valentine's Day)

Best Pick-Up Line Ever (A Story For Valentine’s Day)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to share with you the story behind the best pick-up line ever. “Give me a kiss and make it worth your while.” Spoken by my second husband. Way before I ever thought I would have him as my second husband much less even have a second husband. I...
To My Warm, Naked Valentine

To My Warm, Naked Valentine

I couldn’t sleep the other night. It was the second night in a row that I had a bad dream. The first night, I dreamt that my ex-husband had died. And I was in a car driving around looking for my kids because I knew they needed me. And I couldn’t find them. I woke...

Here’s Your Valentine’s Day Card, Honey

We met over chicken. On a slow Sunday morning. I’m glad you were working. Chicken with pasta for my two young children. Chicken Caesar salad for me. A loaf of freshly made bread. You asked their names. And gave yours. Checked out my ring finger. Then charged my credit card for the food. Full price....