Since Thanksgiving is looming large, I figured I should get in to the spirit of being thankful. Not that I’m not thankful every day. I know I’m the LWA (Luckiest Woman Alive). And if I ever forget, my husband reminds me. Again. And again.

I’ve already had two turkey dinners in preparation for the big day. One turkey, with curried sweet potato chips and squash with pancetta and sage, cooked by my husband last Saturday night just because he felt like it. And fresh turkeys were on special at Costco.

early turkey

Saturday’s turkey dinner

And one yesterday, down the street at my friend’s house. In a caja china. (Do you know what that is? It’s a miniature coffin-looking wood box that you put meats in, usually a whole pig, cover it up and load the top with hot coals and slow roast the contents.The turkeys were delicious.)

La Caja China

La Caja China

So I’m deep in to the thick of the holiday. The kids have one more day of school this week. I’m partly packed for my Thanksgiving adventure. And I just made some turkey salad, with light mayonnaise and spicy banana peppers, for lunch.

So here we go…

15 Things (Other Than The Normal Ones) That I’m Thankful For:

1. I have neighbors who are friends. And friends who are neighbors. We help each other out, bitch together, mourn together and laugh as often as possible.

2. I don’t have to fly in order to be with my family on Thursday, like I used to when I lived in New York. A two hour train ride on Tri Rail rocks. And you can carry on more than 3 ounces of vodka liquid.

3. I won’t have to eat any turkey leftovers. I’ve already had my fill. Because the day after Thanksgiving, I’m going on a three day cruise with my husband and some of our favorite people.

4. After five years of marriage, I still have sex with my husband. Because I want to, not because I have to.

5. Our local public library is only a few miles away. I’m not an e-book user. And my kids read too fast for me to fund their iBook accounts.

6. My washer and dryer can keep up with the clean clothes needs of my family, even if I can’t.

7. My parents (and their respective spouses) are still alive and kicking.

8. Even at my advanced age of (almost) 46, my mom still takes me clothes shopping. (See you Wednesday, Mammoo.)

9. That I actually like my brother. And love his wife.

10. My children, at the ages of 12 and 14 years old, have done less delinquent things than I had done at their ages.

11. The public schools in my district are really good. So I can spend my money on things that really matter like getting a semi-Brazilian wax and my hair colored.

12. I live in my version of paradise: near the beach, warm weather in the winter and even warmer weather in the summer.

13. Second chances. (See number 4. He’s husband number 2.)

14. That I know what happiness is, because I’ve been unhappy before, and that happiness comes in many forms.

15. That there are people out there who have the same warped sense of humor that I do.


Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you have at least 15 things to be thankful for.

Disclaimer: This list is not meant to be the end all or be all of my thankfulness. It is just a (very) quick glimpse in to my hamster wheel brain.