This was my day yesterday:
Rain from morning until night, really.
Soccer pictures for 1 child at 8:30 (subsequently cancelled because of the rain but we showed up anyway just in case).
Soccer game for 1 child at 9:00.
Soccer pictures for the other child at 9:00.
Soccer game for same child above at 10:15 on a different field.
During soccer game 1, arrival of my biological father and stepmother to watch both soccer games.
Did I mention the blustery rain?
Lunch at the house with all of the parties mentioned above including husband with food poisoning and liquid diarrhea, and stepdaughter arriving from her soccer game two hours away.
Husband naps because of food poisoning while parents stay and chat about the environment and politics, my two least favorite subjects. Children wreak havoc in the upstairs bedrooms.
Neighborhood block party complete with bounce house, obstacle course, food and byob alcohol. Children go through their third change of clothes for the day.
Did I mention the really wet rain?
Surprise party for friend thrown by her husband at their house. Necessitates another change of clothing by the kids, all 3 of them.
Arrival home and remembering that I need to change the batteries in 7 smoke detectors because one of them beeped in the middle of the night the night before and woke the entire house up. I don’t have a stepladder so I have to carry a barstool upstairs to stand on. I’ve had a few vodka drinks and some wine.
Kids shower, again. Kids change into pajamas. Kids go to sleep.
I take an antacid and realize that, though the day was long and rainy and I have a lot of laundry to do tomorrow, I had a great time.