I don’t write about politics here.

I barely discuss politics among my friends and family.

But I have my views. I am unwavering about quite a few issues. And I know who I’m voting for.

I share my views with my kids. Not because I want them to parrot me but because I want them to feel free to explore their own. Fostering discussion is one way to do that. Watching the presidential and vice presidential debates is another.

But something happened last week to change my mind about keeping my opinions to myself. And I need to share something with you. About a political advertisement I saw.

Last Thursday, I was watching The Vampire Diaries on the CW Network with my 15 year-old son and my 13 year-old daughter. It was a commercial break. A brief warning popped up on the screen about the graphic content we were about to see. So brief that it didn’t even register in my brain, especially since we were watching a show about vampires.

And the next thing we knew, we were seeing extremely graphic images of dead fetuses. Excessively graphic.

(I am not including the link to the ad here. I refuse to promote the repulsiveness.)

My kids were shocked, saddened and sick to their stomachs.

The looks on their faces were awful. And I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic by saying that a part of their innocence had been taken.

I just wanted to throw up. 

I talk to my kids about most everything. Sex, drugs, and yes, even abortion.

And I don’t sugar coat the world for my kids. They know about war and murder. And that bad things happen to innocent people.

But they are still just kids.

So pro-choice or pro-life. Whatever you want to call where you stand on the abortion issue is just fine with me. But no matter where you stand, the ad that my kids saw was just wrong.

I looked in to the background and legality of the ad after my friend told me that she and her 8 year-old son saw the same ad a few days prior while the 5:00 pm news was on. There was the same warning about the content being graphic but she was in the kitchen making dinner and it just kind of went over her head as well.

And like that, her son also saw something that he shouldn’t have seen.

The ads were paid for by Randall Terry. He was the founder of Operation Rescue, a well-known anti-abortion group. Currently, he’s running for a House seat in Florida, where I live. Earlier in the year, he was running as a Democratic candidate for President.

Because of his candidacies, his graphic advertisements fall under the Federal Communications Commission’s guidelines as being “political”. Under federal law, and free speech regulations, the television networks are required to run these ads and run them uncensored.

But I call bullshit. So I filed a complaint with the FCC. (You can too. Easy to do. Just go to

Ok. I feel better now.

And don’t worry, my next post will go back to my usual subject matter.

I’m thinking of writing “10 Ways To Reach 50 Gracefully. And With No Chin Hairs.”