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The spinning in my head is finally slowing down.

And I’m starting to make sense of my Mom 2.0 experience last weekend and plan for how I’m going to take what I learned and implement it in my social media world.

One of my biggest concerns going in to my first blogging conference was that I was going to be out of my comfort zone. I’m never in a situation where I walk in to a room full of people, not know anybody and sit by myself.

But I learned I can do it.

And I’m not used to sitting in a room for a few hours, taking in all that someone else has to say and figuring out how I can use what I am learning to help myself become better. Not just as a blogger but as a person.

But I learned I enjoyed it.

And I’m not used to talking to so many women, some of who are intimidating, not because of their demeanor but because I know of their successes. Ultimately, I realized that I’ve had my successes too. And I belong there.

And I learned that I’m on the right track to where I want to be.

The talks, the panels, meeting virtual friends in real life, the parties and spending time with my BFF from college. All highlights of the weekend.

But a few things really had an impact on me. The first was a panel entitled “Setting your course in what’s next: How do you even do that?” Each panel member brought a totally different perspective to the talk, which I loved.

Design Mom’s Gabrielle Blair spoke first, telling her story of how she ended up in France with her husband and six (yes, six) kids. She stressed being open to possibilities and, for me the most provoking idea, doing the thing that makes you the most uncomfortable.

Karen Walrond, of Chookooloonks, shared an exercise in figuring out what you are most passionate about. Make a list of everything you love to do. Everything. Don’t leave anything out. Then look for patterns in your list to help guide you. (I’m starting to do this.) She also spoke about using those gifts for the greater good.

And MomTrends’ Nicole Feliciano talked about creating business opportunities for yourself. And the art of MIH: meaning Make It Happen. You have to be pro-active and put yourself out there.

And then, on that first afternoon, I got to hear Brené Brown speak on “The Courage To Fail: Thoughts on Vulnerability, Inspiration and Coming Alive“.

I had never heard her speak before. She’s smart, funny, beautiful. And imperfect. Just like the rest of us. And I was frantically scribbling her words of wisdom on my notepad (yes, I know it’s old-school). Things like:

  • “Don’t orphan the stories that make you real.”
  • “What would you be glad that you did, even if you failed?”
  • “When you look at your bad moments versus your good moments, realize that both are just as important.”

And this last one:

  • “We have to own our stories even if they don’t fit who we think we are supposed to be.”

Whew. Her talk made me really emotional. It was so very personal for me. I felt as if she were speaking directly to me. And I’m sure others in the room felt the same way.

Everybody has a story. This blog is my story. My experiences. And I want to use my writing to uplift. To humor and entertain. And, most importantly, to let people know they’re not alone in whatever their struggles may be: divorce, parenting, relationships or just every day life.

So hold on to your computers. Here I go.