• The best sambal chicken ever. If my husband would make this for me every night, I would be the happiest woman ever. And he knows more happiness = more sex. (Bon Appetit)
  • A graphic design firm created this typeface made up of human hair, eyes and skin. A little creepy but fantastically so. (Laughing Squid)
  • My parents were ahead of the curve when they named me. They could have had no way of knowing what lay in wait for the Jennifers. I was born in 1965. This graphic mind-blowingly shows that the name didn’t get popular until 1970. (And I didn’t get popular until 1984, but that’s another story.) (Jezebel)
  • Next month, I’m setting off for Las Vegas. Again! And I’m definitely going to dine at Desnudo Tacos, a new restaurant off the Strip that takes its cues from Mexican street food. (Vegas Seven)
  • Looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics on TV. And happy that I’m not going to Sochi. Because there are cameras in the hotel bathrooms. (Slate)