So its Halloween. I feel like such a bah humbag. We haven’t even bought our candy yet and in our neighborhood, thats a sin. We live on zero lot lines and the neighborhood is totally built for easy candy access. You get a lot of loot in a short period of time without going very far. But on the flip side, you have to hand out a lot of loot. What I should do is send my kids out early and then recycle the candy they received!

The kids made their costume decisions. Happily, they are homemade ones. The girl is going as a highlighter (ingenious) and the boy is going as the ultimate Jets fan (perfect for him). Both costumes involve a lot of body paint but other than that they are easy. I am not going as anything other than a 40 something mother who is not really interested in Halloween. Like I said, I am a bah humbug.

PS Last night was Thursday. That means sake. And sushi. With our almost regular Thursday night dining companions. Guess what? I’m going to Argentina in the spring! So much good comes out of these Thursday nights that it more than offsets the post-sake hazes that have come to represent my Fridays.