rollercoasterflickrHaving an almost 13 year-old daughter is like being on the most exhilarating, yet terrifying, ride of your life.

A long-lasting roller coaster that you can’t get off of.  And one on which you have to just smile, and be the brave one, while you keep your true feelings, the ones you want to yell and shout out, inside.

And to think, I used to like roller coasters.

I love my kid. More than that, I enjoy being with my kid.

Well, most of the time. I never thought we would reach this spot, and I know it’s just a temporary growing pain, but…..

I can do nothing right. In her eyes.

My reaction to her complaining about working on a group project?


My response to her asking me to help her find her straightening iron?


My take on the singing last night on the American Idol finale?

Wrong. Wrong. And wrong.

The only thing we’ve agreed on this week? How beautiful J-Lo’s skin is.

I’m not a very religious person but the phrase that comes to mind when we have these, um, disagreements? Lord, give me the strength.

The strength to not flip out on her. But also the strength to not avoid confrontation just because it’s easier.

The strength to stand firm in my parenting. And to remember that we are not “friends”. I am her mother. We can be friends later in life. Much later.

And the strength to find the balance between condoning her behavior while blaming it on raging hormones and on her “just” being a teen to guiding her through these tough years and helping her become the respectful and kind person I know she really is.

Finding this strength isn’t easy. But I’ll find it. It’s what we mothers do for our daughters.

And deep down, I know that this too shall pass.

Right, Mom?

How could she be anything but sweet?

How could she be anything but sweet?

Top image via mgrayflickr