I’m hitting the road again tomorrow.

Hard to believe, I know.

After a summer that’s included a trip to Israel, a week at the beach in North Carolina and an amazing couple of days in NYC.

One thing I haven’t had a lot of this summer? Time to read.

Again, hard to believe what with all of the travel but kids husband other things seemed to be asking for my attention.

So in preparation for my trip, which will include a few long plane rides and an amazing amount of down time, I asked around for some reading recommendations.

And I got them. Lots of them. From different sources: my mother, blogging friends, neighbor friends and some Facebook friends that live scattered around the world.

I got so many suggestions that I have a reading list to last me in to the fall. So many that I was afraid I would forget the titles of some of them. So I decided to revive my Life’s Dewlaps book list titled “My Personal Library“. (It’s on the menu at the top of my blog page.)

My reserve list at the library is getting long. (I’m low-tech when it comes to books. No Kindle or Nook for me. Plus, if I haven’t paid for a book, I feel less compelled to finish it if I don’t like it.)

Check out the list. Post your suggestions on the Life’s Dewlaps Facebook page or send me an email with some titles. I’ll let you know my thoughts on each book whether I finish it or not.

My bags are almost packed. And I’m ready to read.