If only I were this organized

If only I were this organized

Next week at this time, I’ll be deep in the Holy Land. (Next Week In Jerusalem.)

And I’m starting to pack for my trip. Well, at least think about packing for my trip. Because this week, the last week of school for the kids, is going to fly by and I want to minimize my trips to the mall, to the drugstore and anywhere else I may need to go to get one or two or ten last minute items.

I’ve gotten a lot done already. Really important stuff like completing my cycle of beauty: pedicure, hair color, hair cut, waxing. And cancelling my newspapers. But there’s a whole lot more left to do. And I don’t want to forget anything. Because if I do, there might never be World Peace.

So I’ve been making lists. Long ones. And they’re categorized.

And I thought that I would share some of them with you so that you’ll know the depths of my travel neuroses. Just bear in mind that this is only a small sampling of what is going on inside my head. Really, a miniscule amount.

Things to do at home

  • Do ALL of the laundry. Down to the last little thong. I hate to leave anything in the hamper.
  • Start laying aside the clothes that I am definitely taking, like my good underwear.
  • Have sex with my husband. And repeat.
  • Ask my neighbor’s kid to come over every day and water our newly planted herbs.
  • Figure out how I’m getting to the airport, an hour and a half away, since my husband is going to be at the Belmont Stakes. 

Things I need to buy

  • International texting package from AT & T so I can sext text my husband.
  • Power adapter so I can charge my phone even though I won’t really being using it. (See above.)
  • Water shoes for me and the kids. I just learned that we’ll need them.
  • A travel guide for Jerusalem. Figure I should do a little reading about where we’re going.
  • A new book to read on the plane. I don’t have a Kindle. Or a Nook. Or anything like that.
  • Books for the kids. (They can download them on their iPad and Kindle.)
  • Those little leakproof travel containers. I use a lot of lotions and salves.

Things to not forget to pack or my life will be over

  • Tampons and pads because yes, I’m going to get my period while I’m there.
  • Deck of cards. (Always seems like a good idea even if we don’t use them.)
  • Sarongs for me and my girl because I’m sure we’re going to be dressed inappropriately for a few holy sites at least once or twice.
  • Advil, vitamins, sleeping pills. (That last one because I’m sharing a room with my two kids.)
  • Carmex. I’ve been using it for over 20 years. I think I’m addicted. Seriously.
  • Camera. Duh.
  • My special shampoo and conditioner. I spend too much money getting my hair colored to use the hotel’s stuff.

And of course, the clothing. I’ve been asking around to try to figure out what the appropriate attire is going to be. And I think I have a good idea. It’s definitely not Las Vegas. No short shorts for my daughter. No tight tank tops or camisoles masquerading as shirts.

We’ve had to do a little shopping. A few new t-shirts, a jersey skirt and a pair of comfortable khaki pants for me.  Some lightweight pants and t-shirts for my daughter. And for my son? Nothing. He has everything he needs already. Lucky.

So I think we’re actually doing okay. I might be able to get some sleep this week. Without drinking or popping pills.

Unless, of course, you tell me that I’ve forgotten something. Have I? You’d tell me, wouldn’t you?

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