So I went to the audiologist last week. Sitting in the waiting room, I had a chance to look at all the different colorful models of hearing aids they make these days. Still wouldn’t want one.

I had to have all sorts of tests done to figure out why I can’t hear my children when they are speaking to me from another room. Or why I frequently say “what” to my husband. (Selective hearing!). I had to sit in a soundproof booth with headphones on. I felt like a hearing-challenged Christina Aquilera. Maybe Bette Midler would be accurate. There were lots of different tests. Lots and lots of them. I knew I was failing some of them.

The end result… I have moderate hearing loss in both ears at higher frequencies. The audiologist says that she’s seeing more of this in Baby Boomers but I am at the low end of the Boomer age. I’m not even 43 yet. I didn’t go to many concerts when I was younger. And there’s nothing to do about it except make my children come into the room that I am in when they need to talk to me. No hearing aid YET.

So whats next? I’m already stuck with a couple of extra pounds from my decreased metabolism and post-breastfeeding saggy breasts. Add in a floppy stomach and I’m just another middle-aged woman who loves to eat and drink. I love getting older. And I’m going to get a glass of wine!