Coin laundromat in Las Vegas

Coin laundromat in Las Vegas

17 days.

That’s how long I’ve been gone for.

17 days of vacation.

Just me and my husband. Las Vegas. Southern California.

I don’t think I’ve traveled for that long a period of time (as an adult) since my first honeymoon. And we all know how that went.

So as I’m settling back in, before the kids get home from their month at the grandparents’ house, I’m thinking about what I’m happy to get home to. And what I’m already missing about being on vacation.

There’s No Place Like Home

  • My own shower: The water pressure and getting the right ratio of cold to hot.
  • Central air conditioner: Those hotel wall units are loud and they just don’t regulate the temperature the same. I’m very sensitive, especially because of the whole perimenopausal thing.
  • A plethora of face wash: Yes, I over pay for a fancy face wash that supposedly keeps my rosacea in check. And I filled up one of those TSA-approved three ounce containers. But I had to ration it.
  • My own coffee: I like my little Nespresso machine. And I like having my coffee right when I wake up. With soy milk and raw sugar. I can be a little particular.
  • Having more than one bathroom. The husband and I tend to be on the same schedule. And I don’t like sitting down on a warm toilet. In a smelly room.
  • And yes, I actually did miss my children. Their smell (even as teenagers), their hugs and their sweet (so far) faces.

On The Road

  • Alone time with my husband: I actually really like him. He laughs at my jokes and he pays for everything.
  • A food extravaganza: We like to eat. And we like to eat all kinds of different foods. Finding a restaurant is a fun adventure for us.
  • Related: Not caring about calories. We did a lot of hiking and walking so I knew the net weight gain wouldn’t be too bad. Though I am back to juicing one meal a day.
  • No chores: I didn’t have to do the dishes for over two weeks. Heavenly. (Though we did visit two coin laundromats.)
  • And yes, vacation sex: Without kids, chores, and work, daily sex just seems normal. Like breathing or getting a spa treatment. Plus, I tend to take on a slightly different, sexier, persona, when I’m in Vegas. It just feels right.

One more week until summer is over. And the kids go back to school. I’m enjoying spending time with them. And getting back to work.

But I’m already dreaming about where we’re going next.

I can dream. Can’t I?

Coin laundromat in Dana Point

Coin laundromat in Dana Point

PS Posts about our adventures to follow!