It’s Friday morning. Day after sake, again. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Thursday night excursions to my favorite sushi restaurant? Its owned and run by a Korean couple. He is the sushi chef extraordinaire. A few weeks ago, he told me that he made something special for me. And then proceeded to bring out bowls of piping hot, homemade matzo ball soup. The best matzo ball soup I have ever had. Sorry Aunt Carol.

Last Thursday, after the saxophone concert, we took my mom there. The chef brought out a marble slab with two different kinds of cheese, elaborately sliced cucumber and tomato and a fine red wine to go with it. Wow.

Last night, there were a few new drink items on the bar. A Korean beer called Hite and a Korean wine that tasted like a port.

People who know we go to this restaurant every Thursday night wonder why we do it. Why not go somewhere else? Its because of these experiences. We never know how a night there will turn out, what surprises will come our way. Or even who will show up to join us. Its my grown up White Horse Tavern or PJ Haley’s. And I love it!