Gratuitous rooster photo.

One of my favorite things about Key West is that once you’re there, you can park the car and leave it parked for the remainder of your visit.

I love that.

And because Key West is not very big, you can walk across the lower part of the island, say from the Southernmost Point to Mallory Square, in under 30 minutes.

Key West is best seen at a slow pace. It’s not a very large island but each block has something different to share with you.

We visited Key West this past weekend and booked our room at the Key Lime Inn again. The same place we stayed in January when I went to the memoir writing workshop.

But we did something different on this visit. We rented bikes. (For $15 a day.) And I’ll never visit Key West any other way again.

We saw parts of Key West that I had never seen before and I’ve been there over a dozen times.

We wandered around the Key West Cemetery as the sun was going down.

Key West Cemetery

 We visited Martello Tower, home of the Key West Garden Club, and enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the grounds.

Martello Tower Garden Club

And then, of course, there was the food.

We went to some old favorites like Santiago’s Bodega on Petronia and 2 Cents on Applerouth. And were happy to taste that their food was as good as ever. But we also went to a new place for lunch. Well, it’s not really a “place”. Garbos’ Grill is a food truck, all by its lonesome, in a parking lot near the marina. We got there a few minutes after they started serving lunch and by the time we were done eating, the line was getting long. And for good reason. The food was fresh and fabulous. The crunch of the Key West pink shrimp. The rich flavor of the Korean beef. Yeah, I’ll be thinking about it for a while. Until I get to go back. And ride my bike over.

Garbo's Grill

Food, clockwise from top: Korean Beef Bulgogi and Cabbage Burrito, the Freshest Fish Tacos and Key West Pinks Burrito

The weekend most definitely would NOT have been as much fun without the company of my husband (of course) and our Long Island friends. Many laughs, too-loud conversations and some gastric distress. And I’m not going in to detail about that last thing.


My favorite photo of the weekend.