vulvacakesYou know how sometimes you’re having a nice, innocuous conversation with somebody, like your almost-teen daughter, and you somehow end up talking about how your gynecologist feels about your vagina?And you’re not really sure how you got there.

But then after the conversation is over, and you’re hoping no permanent damage has been done, you try to go back in your aged, over-used brain’s memory to figure it out.

Well, I think I figured this one out:

I had a yeast infection.

I had to go to the pharmacy to get my Diflucan prescription filled.My daughter was with me and, of course, asked me what the meds were for. Because I didn’t really look like I was sick.

The ensuing conversation went something like this:

Kid: A yeast infection? Gross. Did you have to go to the doctor?

Me: No, not this time. But the last time I had one I went and he gave me a prescription. And I had a few refills left.

Kid: How did he know what you had? Did he have to examine you?

Me: Yes but I got to leave my bra and my shirt on. (Trying to deflect the inevitable next question.)

Kid: He saw your vagina?

Me: Yes. (Thinking, “Oh, he’s just one of many who have.”)

Kid: Eew. Why don’t you go to a woman gynecologist?

Me: Because I like him.

Kid gets horrified look on her face.

Me: No, no, no. Not like that. It’s just that I’ve known him a long time. I think he’s a good doctor. And I trust him.

Kid: But isn’t it weird that he sees your vagina?

Me: (Thinking, “Not just sees it but puts his fingers in there too.”) No. He sees lots of vaginas every day. Just think about how many vaginas he’s seen in his lifetime. To him, it’s probably just like looking at ankles or eyes.

Kid: You mean you’re just another vagina?

I wasn’t sure whether I should be insulted or proud. I mean, I AM NOT just another vagina. And neither is my vagina.

But it is pretty cool that I can have these conversations with her and that she can come up with these really grounded conclusions.

Now if only she hadn’t heard that radio talk show the other morning on the way to school. The one where the topic was, “Does size matter?” (Um, of course it does.)

I changed the channel and she didn’t pursue it. But I know she’s stored it in the back of her mind to discuss at a later date.

Hopefully, a much, much later date.