A few months ago, my sister-in-law sent me a pair of Hanna Andersson pajamas. She does things like this when she finds an item that she really, really loves. She’ll send me my own version. And she has the best taste of anyone I know. Honestly. (MG, you come in a close second but you’re a better cook). Once, it was a pair of super soft pajama bottoms. A few weeks ago, it was her favorite cookbook, some Stevia and black and white truffle oil. And before that, it was these pajamas.

They’re sold as separates on the Hanna Andersson web site so you can mix and match sizes. I got an XS on top and a S on the bottom and they fit perfectly. Not too loose and not too tight. They have a thick band around the ankles so that the bottoms don’t ride up while you are sleeping. I hate when that happens. And the same is true of the sleeves. They stay in place. Not to mention that the pajamas are made out of 100% organically grown cotton ribbknit with smooth flatlock seams, whatever that means. I think it just means that they are really soft and cozy. This is the style of pajama that I used to put my kids in when they were babies and toddlers. Now I know how comfortable and snuggly they felt. And this makes me very happy.

It’s been really cold in my little town in South Florida this past week. Seriously cold. Turn on the heat cold. So, I’ve been wearing my pjs every night. Before this, I had only worn them once, during a cold snap in December. It happened to be when my mom was in town, staying with us. I came downstairs in them one morning and she started giggling. Yes, giggling. She told me I looked very “squeezable” in them. Perhaps like a lumpy pillow. And I have to admit they do make me feel like I’m a jelly doughnut or one of the Teletubbies, maybe Tinky Winky. Not very sexy but I never feel sexy when it’s cold outside and I have a red, runny nose and white Raynaud’s fingers. And besides, my husband really likes jelly doughnuts.