Its time to put up the Halloween decorations. I got them out of the attic yesterday and put them by the front door, thinking that the kids would help me when they got home from school. But they didn’t want to. They have barely started thinking about what they want to be for Halloween and it is only three weeks away. They’re 9 and 11. Maybe they’re outgrowing the need to get dressed up. Maybe they really just care about the candy.

Last year, my daughter wore a brown wig and dressed like her brother, who dressed like himself. It was pretty funny. We fooled a few people into thinking that “Robert” was Will’s friend from school.

But if they aren’t really into Halloween this year, I won’t push it. I’ll put up the decorations myself and they can make last minute, home made costumes. Better use of their imaginations. I guess it is just a sign of them getting older. They recently stopped believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy as well. I’m kind of happy about Santa and that they found out before their Jewish cousins told them otherwise.