I’ve been wearing glasses since I realized I couldn’t see the board in my business school class. I was 26 years old and had no idea it was possible to be so vision-challenged at such a young age. By contrast, I could see the boys just fine.

At that point, I had been living in NYC for five years yet still went back to Miami, where I had spent my childhood, for all of my medical appointments. And haircuts. I was flying home soon after I realized I had a sight issue and had my eyes examined. My first pair of eyeglasses were from an small boutique in South Miami that gave very personal service. Now, almost 20 years later, it’s still the only place I’ve ever purchased glasses from.

So when I had the opportunity recently to trial a new site called 1800specs.com, I was a little wary about ordering glasses online. No skilled sales professional to guide me? No ability to try the frames on? I don’t buy a lot of clothing or accessories online for this very reason but in browsing through the 1800specs.com site, the following FAQ gave me some reassurance:

What if I wish to return the glasses?
Our guarantee is simple; you have 365 days from the date of purchase to return your glasses for a full refund or replacement. Simply contact us via e-mail at customerservice@1800specs.com.

No worries there.

I spent some time perusing the site, storing the possible items on a “My Favorites” page. It wasn’t easy to narrow down the choices and pick the final pair but the frames I liked all ranged in price from $20 to $40, which included the cost of the prescription lenses. I ultimately chose a $40 Nicole Miller cat-eye shaped pair with a deep reddish burgundy colored frame. I’ve never owned a pair of glasses in a color but now that I’m getting a little older, I thought a little color framing my eyes might be nice.

Because I hadn’t had my eyes checked in two years, I went and did that before I placed my order. After my exam, my optometrist asked if I wanted to look at some new frames and I told her about the 1800specs.com site. She was curious, and like me, a little skeptical. But she happily printed out a copy of my new prescription and I hurried home to place my order. (I didn’t have to get an exam done to get my prescription. By law, the person who does your eye exam is obligated to give you a copy of your prescription, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve been tested.)

Two weeks later, my new frames arrived and I’ve been wearing them for the last couple of days. And loving them.

My daughter says I look like a catty librarian. I think I look really, really smart. What do you think?


Now if they could only help me with a few other age-related bodily changes, like drawing attention away from that crease between my eyebrows (no Botox for me) or the age spots on the backs of my hands. No, unfortunately, the 1800specs.com site can’t work miracles. But it sure can help you get a pair, or two, of new hip eyeglasses for a good price.

1800specs.com provided me with a pair of glasses, free of charge, in return for this review. All opinions are solely mine. And are honest.

Top image via 1800specs.com