Today is Halloween. And, it’s also Saturday. A rare cosmic coincidence. And to round out the trifecta, it’s also the end of Daylight Saving Time.

So this means everyone is going to stay up extra late because there is no school or work tomorrow and because we gain an extra hour of sleep. In our neighborhood, the kids will be running around totally fueled by sugar, begging for just a few more minutes outside. And more houses than usual will be serving grown-up treats like wine and jello shots. What’s not to like? How about chaos, candy wrappers and amped up children unable to go to bed. And a Sunday morning hangover.

This year, my son is going as a New York Yankee. And not just because they are in the World Series. He was born in Manhattan and, even though he only lived there until the ripe old age of 14 months, he feels a strong kinship with all New York sports teams. Last year, he was the “Ultimate Jets Fan”. I imagine, since most everybody in our neighborhood is originally from another part of the country, and since the Yankees seem to provoke strong emotions of either love or hate, he will be both cheered and booed.

My daughter has changed her mind a few times. At first, she was going to dress up as a mummy. Then I think she wanted to reprise her last year’s costume which was a fluorescent yellow highlighter. She then decided she just wanted to be a person. No one in specific. Just someone who was not her. So she picked out a long blonde wig from the costume store and a pair of big black-rimmed glasses. She came home and pulled a few clothing items together including a sweater that was too small for her and a pair of skinny leg jeans. And she looks perfect. Kind of like a nerdy, but crazy, librarian. I love her sense of style.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. But I would never tell anyone that, especially in my neighborhood. But I get into it. If you live here, it is almost a requirement. And I have to admit, it is fun to look at everybody’s decorations. Some people, and you know who you are, go all out and deserve to win a “Best Halloween House” prize.

But I’m from the school of thought that you have to pick a Halloween theme and stick with it. No mixing and matching the different genres of decorating. Nasty or nice. Not both. We decorate our house with a severed head with a hanging eyeball, a ghoul hanging from the roof and a few other ghastly items. No nice, smiling pumpkins or pretty autumnal displays of hay, corn and scarecrows for us. And my kids like it this way. The more gruesome, the better.

I’ll go out with the kids tonight to Trick or Treat. We’ll see a lot of friends and neighbors, have some laughs and marvel at the few really ingenious costumes. And I’ll try not to let the chaos, or the amount of candy eating my children do, stress me out. I think that the few glasses of wine I drink and the jello shots that I do will help me with that. I think I may even put on a wig and enjoy myself. I just hope I don’t forget to remind the kids to brush their teeth before they go to bed.