I color my own hair. I’ve been doing it for over 10 years, every 6-8 weeks. So at least 75 times. I don’t like doing it. I’m always afraid I’m going to miss a spot and someone taller than me (most of the population) will be able to see my mistake. It also makes me face the reality that I am getting older and that the gray hairs on my head are multiplying. But I don’t like being gray and doing it myself is better than going to a salon and paying someone at least $75.00 to do it for me. And it really only takes 20 minutes.

I’ve always used the same kind, Clairol’s Natural Instincts. Technically, it is a semi-permanent hair color which means it is supposed to wash out after 28 shampoos. I don’t wash my hair every day so it lasts at least 6 weeks. And because it is semi-permanent, I can play around with some different shades. Last time, I went too light and the gray coverage didn’t work. This time, I went back to my favorite shade (Number 20 Hazelnut). After I finished, and had blown-dry my hair, I looked in the mirror and was thrilled to see my not-so-old self back.

The conditioner that is included in the package is great. You’re supposed to use it once a week. It makes my hair really soft. But even better, my 9 year-old daughter uses it when her long hair starts to get a little ratty looking. It gets all of the tangles out and makes her hair really shiny. And she no longer looks like a hobo.

I know some people actually like being gray. But I’m not one of those. I think I look best when my hair is darker and free of gray. It makes me look a little exotic, less mousey and, for the first few days after I color, my husband calls me Conchita. So, I’ll gladly spend the $9.99 (less if you can get it on sale) on a box of hair color. It is the least expensive way I know to make myself look, and feel, younger. And the boost it gives my sex life isn’t bad either.