Eight months.

I’ve been blogging for eight months now.

If I had been pregnant for that time period, I would now be very round and uncomfortable. And ready to give birth to a red-headed baby with freckles and a Jew-fro.

But thank goodness I’m not. Pregnant, that is. I’m too old for that (by my own admission, not medical science’s) and I think 3 kids are perfect for my non-nuclear family.

People don’t usually reflect on something with a passage of time of eight months. Usually, it’s after a year or ten. But I’m sitting here today, working on another blog entry, and I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve been doing for the last eight months. Reflecting partly because of an article I read today in the New York Times about people abandoning their blogs for various reasons: not enough time to update, not a large enough readership, didn’t lead to the big book deal they were looking for, etc. A Technorati survey quoted in the article estimated that 95% of blogs are eventually abandoned.

So, I’m re-evaluating. I think it is important to periodically do this. I started blogging because I want to be a writer. Not necessarily a writer of blogs. But I figured having a blog would give me a structure for working writing into my daily routine and give me a
forum for my writing. And so far, it’s worked for me.

And now it’s summer. The kids are out of school. No more looking over their shoulders to make sure they are getting their homework done. And they are old enough to not want to go to camp every day. And old enough that they can be left at home by themselves for periods of time. I’ve dropped one of my bookkeeping clients to give me more time to write. I’m lucky that I can do that and that, other than my mother, my husband is my biggest fan.

I’ve worked on not getting distracted by all that the web has to offer while I sit at my computer and look out the window. I admit I’ve done a fair amount of procrastinating. I’m very adept at finding information on people by searching the right places on the internet. Give me a name and I’ll give you some info, good info. And if the writing thing doesn’t pan out, maybe I’ll become a private investigator.

But I’ve experienced the thrill of finding the right word or writing a perfect passage to describe something. And knowing it is good. The thrill of having my husband laugh with gusto when he reads my blog entries. (He always reads an entry before I post it.) And the thrill of hearing people’s reactions to what I have written, particularly when it is about a subject that everyone is curious about. (See Intensely Embarrassing post.)

So at the eight month mark, this is what I think. That I’ve probably shocked and upset a few people. That I’ve come a long way. That I am a good writer. And that I have the potential to be a great writer. And that I am going to continue writing, with even more dedication. And devote some time and effort to figuring out what I can do with this, my writing, now that I’ve found something that I really enjoy doing. I think that this is what I was meant to do.