I like to live my life by the principal that assumes that people are generally good. But I was duped the other day. My faith in mankind was shattered. And I am pissed about it.

After 10 years of having the same laundry room appliances, my dryer started barking like a dog. Nothing lasts forever. My husband and I shopped around and ended up picking out a beautiful washer and dryer at Home Depot that were on sale. Upon learning how old our current appliances were, the saleswoman’s eyes lit up and she told us how far the technology had come and how much of a difference we were going to notice with the new machines. She should have said how much I am going to notice since I am the one who does the laundry. Remember, I don’t cook. (And, no, the new machines are not front loaders. We’re in a recession and we’d rather take a few trips this summer than be able to answer yes to that question. And believe me, everybody has asked.) We also opened a Home Depot credit card and got an additional 10% off and no payment due for six months. As an added bonus, we also received a manufacturer’s rebate for $100.00. Beautiful machines, great deal and lots of exciting anticipation for me.

Delivery was scheduled. The guy got here early. He was very nice. I offered him a drink because it was hot out and because my mother taught me to always do that. The guy was very careful moving out the old machines and bringing in the new ones. He took his time and didn’t ding the walls. He even let me vacuum and mop in the laundry room after he took the old machines out. The floor was a mess. He set the new ones up, connected them and even tested them. Both worked. I looked at them. They looked great. Brand, spanking new. He showed me where he had left the manuals sitting on top of the dryer. I signed some paperwork, including initialing where it said the machines were delivered without any damage. I thanked him, tipped him $15.00 and he left.

A little later in the afternoon, my daughter and I decided to do our first load. The new machines are a little fancier and more complicated than the old machines so we went into the laundry room and got the manuals. And underneath the manuals, on the front top part of the dryer, was a dent. That motherfucker (sorry, it’s the only word that keeps popping up in my head when I think about what he did) put the manuals over the dent knowing that I wouldn’t pick them up. I was so pissed. He duped me. And crushed my belief that people are generally good and honest.

So, I did what I needed to do. I called Home Depot and spoke to my saleswoman. After some back and forth between her and GE, I was told I could get a replacement dryer in two weeks or a check equal to almost 20% of the cost of the dryer. I didn’t want the delivery guy coming back to my house, and the dent isn’t that big and doesn’t interfere with the drying, so I took the “damage allowance”. My son said that since the dent is in the middle of the machine, it looks like a decoration. And that we should put a dent in the same place on the washer so that they match. And, I’ve tried out the machines and they are really nice. I’m satisfied.

Except for this. My husband and I were having our Friday morning pillow talk after our usual Thursday night date night. We had gone out with some friends and had consumed a few bottles of sake, after which he invited all 6 of them over for a dinner party the next night. Something he frequently does. But we had already made plans to go to the movies that night, ironically to see “Hangover”. So I was making fun of him for inviting our friends over for dinner, calling him a sake lush. And he turned to me, red eyes and all, and said “Well at least I’m not the one who accepted a dryer with a dent in it”. So we had the dinner party and it was actually more fun than going to the movies.

But I’m still waiting for something to happen which will restore my faith in mankind.