It happened in a split second. My daughter fell off of her brother’s bike. She didn’t cry after she fell but she sure did complain for the rest of the day and night. At some point, I guess it was around 3 in the morning when I couldn’t sleep, I realized that she needed to go get it xrayed. I’m not a doctor. I just think that I am.

So this morning I had a whole village (including myself, ex-husband, ex-mother-in-law and the nice lady at the drs. office) working on getting her to the orthopedist. Today was one of the 2-3 days a week I actually bring in some money by working and I couldn’t cancel. If it had been appendicitis, I would have cancelled.

The diagnosis is a fracture of the scaphoid, the bone in between the bottom of the thumb and the wrist. She’s in a brace/splint-like object for 3 weeks and then gets re-checked. No PE, no saxophone, no softball (tryouts are this weekend). The brace can come off when she showers but only then. I washed, conditioned and combed her hair tonight. My 9 year-old baby.

Its not going to be the most fun these next 3 weeks. But it could be worse. She could have broken her leg. Or my stepdaughter could come live with us permanently.