collage of orange shirtOne of the most important decisions to be made when preparing to get a new driver’s license is figuring out what too wear.

As you know, I renewed my license last week. and I’m pretty happy with how my new picture came out. But it didn’t happen without some planning. And this conversation with my daughter.

Me: I’m going to get my new license today. What should I wear?

Her: Well, let’s look at your old picture.

Me: (Handing her the license.) I’m wearing my old glasses. And a striped shirt. I remember when I go that shirt. In NYC, from Gap Kids. It was a girl’s XXL. And it was on sale.

Her: Ok, you’re weird.

Me: I know. How about my long sleeve denim shirt with a chunky necklace.

Her: No. No necklace. Too distracting.

Me: Something low cut?

Her: Really? Now you’re being gross.

Me: Forget it. I’ll figure something out.

I picked out my favorite shirt from the summer. A sleeveless burnt orange one from Lucky. I wore it relentlessly. It’s in all of my photos from my summer travels.

It went to Tel Aviv. To New York City. To the mountains of North Georgia.

I put it on with a pair of jeans and went in her room, where she was getting ready for school.

Me: So, how does this look?

Her: Oh, fine.

And she turned and went right back to applying her mascara. I had been dismissed.

Not sure why I even asked her in the first place.