It really does look like this. I swear.

It really does look like this. I swear.

It’s hard to give everyone in my household the attention they deserve. My husband, my kids, myself. I frequently feel pulled in many worthy directions.

Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM.

While my husband sits there, having just made us some wonderful, healthy gourmet meal, watching his teenage step-kids try to get the most of me. Just sitting there, biding his time. Until it’s his turn for attention.

It was his turn the other night.

It was a friend’s 50th birthday (Shout out to TDS!) and to help him celebrate, we joined him at a local bar that’s located right on the water, overlooking our town’s lighthouse, with views stretching out both east and west.

After waiting out a five minute downpour, we gave the birthday boy our happy wishes and wandered down to the end of the dock. 

And saw this:


Gorgeous, right?

But then we turned and faced the other direction, and saw this:

sunset 1

And instead of re-joining the party, we decided to stay at the end of the dock and watch the sun go down until we could no longer see it.

sunset 2
Probably right about here, we were both so taken by the romantic feeling that can only come from watching this kind of thing, plus having had a few cocktails, that we started full on making out. Like a couple of college kids. (A 63′ Bertram yacht blocked the view of the people up at the bar. No show here.)

sunset 3
Seriously, wouldn’t you make out too if you were watching this with the one you loved?

sunset 4

As the sun sank lower and lower, I felt happier and happier.

sunset 5

And when it had gone completely underneath the bridge, we decided to head home. All that making out had made us hungry. Physically hungry. There was salmon in our fridge, marinating in teriyaki and I wanted to make my newly famous garlic bread. And yes, the kids were there. Wanting to be fed and not wanting to cook for themselves.

Still moved by the gorgeous sunset, I wanted to show my husband how much I appreciated him. You know, really show him. But I didn’t get a chance to until the next morning. (I fell asleep on the couch.)

And later that day I said to him, “You deserve to get laid every single day. Just knowing that should make you feel better. Even if it doesn’t happen.”

Am I right??

garlic bread crop