Note the pull of the sheets to the right.

Note the pull of the sheets to the right.

I’ve had a long President’s Day weekend of being by myself for extended periods of time.

And I’ve really enjoyed it.

(Probably more than I should have.)

But today it’s all coming to an end.

My husband is back from his ski trip.

The kids will be coming back from their dad’s house.

And life will return to it’s normal harried pace.

Because of all the excitement, this morning was the first morning in a while that my brain started racing around when I was still lying in bed.

And it started like this:

Brr. It’s cold in here. (No duh. Hubs has pulled all of the covers over to his side of the bed. Thankfully, I slept in my socks.)

Wow, it’s 8:03. We slept late. Must have been that quarter of a sleeping pill I took last night. And hubs is still on mountain time.

Ugh, I have a lot to do today. Write a blog post, do some laundry, clean up the kitchen from last night’s dinner since I fell asleep watching the NBA All-Star game on the couch…

Oh wait, hubs did all of the dishes while I was sleeping. Good man.

I should give him a little nudge, nudge this morning. Well, maybe not. We took care of that last night. He’d probably rather sleep.

I also have to go to the library today. I have an overdue book. But they’re closed. Oh, and I have a prescription to pick up at CVS. And we’re almost out of milk. And eggs.

Shit, I didn’t finish reading all of the Sunday New York Times yesterday so I have to finish that today. (Neurotic? Yes. But I can’t put the Times in the recycle bin unless I’ve read every single section. Sometimes it takes me four days. It’s the same with my weekly New Yorker.)

Ok, that’s enough to get me out of bed. That and the promise of a good, hot cup of coffee. I know I have milk.

But first I have to find my pants and my sweatshirt. It’s freezing in this house. And you know how much I hate being cold.

Brrr. 64 degrees inside.

Brrr. 64 degrees inside.