My husband and I are going to a cocktail party this weekend. We don’t usually get invited to parties because we are usually the ones having them. We won’t know too many people there other than the hosts, which should be fun.

Today is only Tuesday, and the party is Saturday, but I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear. Especially since I’ll be meeting new people. Call it vanity, insecurity or just plain wanting to look nice in a new situation. I’m trying not to spend money on clothing right now (bad economy, lack of new clients, 5 day cruise in November), but I think this might be a good time to call in a favor from my mom. Even though I’m 43 years old, she still likes to treat me to something special from time to time. Thats what I call it. My husband calls it the wamboozling of my mother. But she likes it. The dependence factor. Or just being nice because she loves me and I’m her only daughter.

So Mom, if you read this, please send me a check for $200.00. That should cover it. And thanks. I’ll send you a picture.