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The Way It Used To Be Thursday

The Way It Used To Be Thursday: 5 Years Of (Mostly) Wedded Bliss

November 18, 2006 The way it used to be was like this: I got married (1995). Had two kids (1997, 1999). And then got divorced (2002). After my divorce, I figured I would get married again. Someday. But the circumstances surrounding that someday were not yet imaginable. Post-divorce for me was filled with worries. Worries...

The Way It Used To Be Thursday: Of Moles And Weddings

April 1995 I’m starting a new weekly feature on Life’s Dewlaps: The Way It Used To Be Thursday. A lot of bloggers have weekly features, posting to a certain theme on a particular day of the week. Wordless Wednesday is a very popular one. On that day, a blogger might publish a photograph or five...