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Happily Making A Spectacle Of Myself:

I’ve been wearing glasses since I realized I couldn’t see the board in my business school class. I was 26 years old and had no idea it was possible to be so vision-challenged at such a young age. By contrast, I could see the boys just fine. At that point, I had been living in...

Of Sex, Kids and Blogging

National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (p. 26) You know that post I wrote earlier in the week, the one about my husband, his birthday and the kind of gifts that all men want? Yes, the one that ended with mention of blow jobs and anal sex. Well, something happened this week that made...

Little Black Beach Dress

I live a few miles from the beach in extremely sunny South Florida. I grew up here as well, back in the days when we went to the beach every weekend and slathered baby oil all over our bodies to get a deep dark tan. Or a bright pink burn. For the last 15 or...