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A Little (Extra) Common Sense

I don’t usually plug products, people or web sites or anything, other than my husband’s cooking, on my blog but I’ve been using a website that is worth sharing. Particularly for parents who have school-aged children. It’s called A few months ago, maybe even a year ago, my brother told me about this web...

Importance of the Journey

I recently picked up a book at the library by Ann Patchett titled “What now?”. It’s a slim book of 97 pages based on a commencement address she gave at her alma mater Sarah Lawrence. It chronicles the different paths that her life has taken which have brought her to delivering the address. And her...

Love for the Library

When I was growing up, my mom used to take me and my brother to the local library every couple of weeks. We would sit there and read and then check out books to take home. I became an avid reader at a very young age and to this day, will read anything. I am...