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Sparkling Wine

This is the year….That I pledge to do the usual: lose weight, be a better parent (not nicer, better), be a better spouse (see better parent), be a better friend (yes, nicer) and be less rigid. I will continue with my ongoing quest to find what it is that I am supposed to be doing...

Obviously Happy Halloween

So its Halloween. I feel like such a bah humbag. We haven’t even bought our candy yet and in our neighborhood, thats a sin. We live on zero lot lines and the neighborhood is totally built for easy candy access. You get a lot of loot in a short period of time without going very...

Folliculee, follicula….

One Neighborhood Block PartyOne Bounce HouseOne day later, at least half a dozen kids (including one of mine) with itching, stinging rashes over varying parts of their bodyFour physicians (3 pediatricians, including mine, and a dermatologist) and one school nurseFour differing diagnoses (including atypical chicken pox)One threat of suing (litigious society)Final diagnosis: Hot-tub folliculitis caused...