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Nobody Came A Knockin'

Nobody Came A Knockin’

We’re back from our short, but much needed, cruise. The bags are unpacked. The laundry is in. And the goodwill between me and my husband is at an all-time high. I took a lot of pictures because looking at them will keep me smiling. And remind me of the fun we had. For when we...
If The Boat's A Rockin'

If The Boat’s A Rockin’

For all of the writing I do about marriage, love and sex, I’m not immune to falling in to some bad relationship habits. And I did something I thought I was too wise to do. I forgot to pay attention to my husband and my marriage. Earlier this week, this neglect caused a confrontation with...
Two Weddings, One Wedding Ring And Lifelong Love

Two Weddings, One Wedding Ring And Lifelong Love

I’m really proud to be featured today over at outsidevoice as part of Storied Collections, a series of posts by writers revealing the stories behind their most sentimental material possessions. I’m telling the story about my rebellious grandparents (and the two weddings they had), their everlasting love and the ring I wear every day. Here’s...
Things I'm Afraid To Tell You: Dewlaps Version

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You: Dewlaps Version

Everybody has a few things that they’re afraid to tell a confidant, much less the entire blogging world. But a bunch of bloggers are doing it. And I’m joining them. A few days ago, I came across this post on Sarah Bryden-Brown’s Blogstar website explaining that there was this Internet meme going on. From what...
The Divorce Decision

The Divorce Decision

My 17th wedding anniversary is on Sunday. Well, it would be my 17th if I hadn’t gotten divorced. No. Instead, ten years ago, at this time, I was in the painful realm of trying to figure out if I wanted to stay married to my husband, the father of my two children who were then...
Pillow Thief

Pillow Thief

I woke up at 3:48 last night from a deep, deep sleep. I think that I was dreaming about llamas. And I was looking for a bathroom on the farm. But my brother kept wanting me to go look at the enormous pigs. And when I woke up, I really, really had to pee. I...