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A Day In My Life

I had a great day yesterday. It was Thursday. A day that I don’t work as a bookkeeper. A day that I get to spend some time by myself, run some errands, do a little writing, a little laundry and some house cleaning. And that makes me happy. Plus, I have been sick for the...

Bikes, Books and Bananas

I rode my bike to the library on Friday. For some reason, this made me feel good on so many levels. I love the library, know I need to exercise and am happy when I can conserve fuel and benefit the environment. Okay, the first two are the ones that are really true. The environment...

Love for the Library

When I was growing up, my mom used to take me and my brother to the local library every couple of weeks. We would sit there and read and then check out books to take home. I became an avid reader at a very young age and to this day, will read anything. I am...