Last year on this day, August 21st, I wrote a blog post titled My August Orchid. The post was written in celebration of my mother-in-law’s birthday. She died almost six years ago so today would have been her 73rd birthday.

The orchid she gave me before she died, that was described in last year’s post, still sits on my back porch. It’s still living. Thriving even. And as it has for the last six Augusts, the orchid has sprouted a long sprig from which there will soon be multiple blossoms. I am still amazed by this occurrence, coinciding as it always has with her birthday.
Later today, my husband, his daughter and I will go to his sister’s house for dinner. We’ll raise a glass to Marie. And hopefully the two siblings will tell a few more stories about her. Ones that will make us laugh and ones that will make us all wish that she were still here. And my step-daughter will learn a few new things about the grandmother she didn’t get to know well enough. Neither did I.
Happy Birthday Marie. We still miss you.