Last spring we got a new tv for the den. The den is my husband’s place to run away and hide from his two stepchildren. The tv that was in there previously was about 10 years old and had the depth of an elephant. And it sat on an old beat-up nightstand. Not really the look and feel I had imagined for the den.

The tv we bought is beautiful, if you can describe a tv that way. It is a Sony plasma HD blah blah blah. The picture is really sweet. And it fit perfectly on the wall, in between two windows, a 42 inch. So we also had to get rid of the old nightstand too. That left us with no place to put the satellite box, dvd player etc. So for the last 8 months, its all been sitting on the box that the satellite receiver came in. Again, not quite the look I imagined.

I’m cheap about some things and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something to put our electronics in. But I finally saw an ad from Target for something that I thought would work and it was on sale for $60 bucks. So we bought it and I put it together yesterday and moved everything in today. Its a little big but it definitely looks like we spent more than $60 on it. And I put it together myself! One of my many talents, one I inherited from my grandfather.

Sitting in the den, watching some football today, I really felt a sense of pride for a job well done. Not quite as good as I felt after the election, no tears, but really great.

PS our tv is on the wall so we are going to put decorative family pictures on top of the tv stand. but that may take us another 6 months! We lived with an unassembled gas grill as a coffee table in the den for 8 months. I put a tablecloth on it and no one was the wiser.