keywest1I know I said that I wasn’t going to do any traveling for a while.

But I guess that I’m a big fat liar.

My husband’s birthday is today. And, last week, when I asked him what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to go away. Guess last year’s stay-at-home celebration was too much for him.

After a tension-filled week of searching around for a place to go that wasn’t too far or too expensive, and didn’t infringe on Rosh Hashanah, we settled on some place relatively far and relatively expensive.

Key West.

A five hour drive. And expensive only because it was the weekend of the 40th Annual Poker Run and most of the rooms were booked by motorcycle riding South Floridians.

But hey, you only turn 49 once, and the hubby loves the Keys. Even spent part of his childhood in Islamorada. So we went for it.

We rolled in to town on Friday afternoon and couldn’t check in to our hotel yet. So we strolled along Duval Street and checked out all of the motorcycles parked there.

key west motorcycles

I don’t know much about the bike culture but I have to say that the motorcycles were all spanking clean and highly polished. And really fun to look at. (Hmm, could be my mid-life crisis antidote.)

After strolling for a bit, we got the call that our room was ready so we went back to the hotel and checked in. And this is what was in our bedroom

Key West 2

[We were very clean.]

We also did some good walking, some amazing eating and a little shopping.

More Photos from Key West 9_12

And all in all, the two days felt much longer than I thought they would. It was a perfect little romantic getaway.

So Happy Birthday to my fun-loving, good-looking, kind and generous husband. I love you. And I would do anything for you. But I’m not putting a jacuzzi in our bedroom.