I read a review of my favorite Japanese restaurant yesterday. The restaurant I go to almost every Thursday night. The one that has provided me with so much good food, so many laughs and so many sake hangovers. I wasn’t happy about the review. It wasn’t positive or negative, just neutral. Not the kind of review you want in this economic climate. So many restaurants in my area are closing down. Just not enough business. And besides that, it just wasn’t an accurate review. The reviewer said that unless your child ate sushi, there was nothing on the menu for them. So I wrote a Letter to the Editor. Something I have never, in my 43 years, done before. And it figures that the thing that motivated me was food. Well food, friendship and alcohol. And a desire to read truthful journalism. So below is my letter. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the erroneous journalist.

To the Editor:

I read She Who Shall Not Be Named’s review of Kimchi Japanese Restaurant this morning in the Neighborhood Post while I was having breakfast with my school-age children (9 and 11 years old). I wasn’t crazy about the review so I had my kids read it to get their opinion as well. To be honest, we frequent this restaurant and have for many years. My kids and I felt that the reviewer didn’t get a true feel for the restaurant and didn’t accurately portray the offerings. For example, the breadth of the hot foods was not even mentioned.

But first and foremost, there are plenty of foods that are “kid-friendly” that are not sushi. I don’t even know where to begin. At the appetizers, I suppose: yakitori (chicken on a stick), three kinds of soup (kids love the ceramic spoons) and dumplings (fried or steamed). Entrees: chicken or steak teriyaki, rice (what kid doesn’t like rice with a little soy sauce?), tempura (vegetable or otherwise) and yakisoba (noodles with chicken and vegetables). Items even come with kid-friendly chopsticks held together with a rubber band. All entrees are large enough for 2-3 kids to share but you can also get appetizer portions of many of them. And of course, the meal ends with ice cream: chocolate, vanilla or red bean.

And a few more things I’d like to note. The restaurant, unlike so many in our area, is owned and operated by a husband and wife team and has been since they opened the restaurant over 11 years ago. The large TV never has the sound on and the restaurant is big enough that you can always sit with your back to it. In addition, the staff is always happy to change the channel. I don’t like my children to watch the national news (or the local news for that matter) so we ask the staff to change it to something more appropriate.

I realize that this review is a reflection of the reviewer’s opinion. And that reviews in the Neighborhood Post are given limited space. But my kids and I were disappointed. We think Ms. She Who Shall Not Be Named did a disservice to the restaurant with her review.

A loyal reader (and eater)