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Monthly archive September, 2010

Ode To My 2 Cup Bialetti Moka Express

Oh, my 2 cup Bialetti Coffee Pot, were you lonely hidden way in the back of the cupboard? I haven’t meant to ignore you for the last 4 years. But you see, I was given a single serve Nespresso machine for a wedding gift by some tall foreign people. So I put you away. Out...

My Sake Cup Is Half-Full

Every so often, I sit back with a cup of coffee, or a martini, and think about how I can be a better person and improve my life and the lives of those around me. Sometimes I’m forced to do this without the benefit of liquids or even food but with the addition of atoning....

My Not-So-Secret Erotica Library

I’ve fallen a little behind on my posting to Life’s Dewlaps what with all of the writing I’ve been doing for The Stir lately and with the kids going back to school and any other excuse I can come up with. And of course, I feel bad about this. Guilt is something I come by...