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Monthly archive May, 2010


Ever get into a funk before? And all of a sudden everything, and I mean everything, starts to bother you? Well until a few hours ago, I was in one. And it kind of got out of control. But don’t worry I’m out of it now. It’s safe to come back inside. I think the...

Splendor Does Survive (To My Brother On His Birthday)

Today is my brother’s 46th birthday. My older brother, that is. So I’ve known him my whole life. And in celebration of this day, I wanted to write a kind-of tribute to him because writing is what I do and it’s cheaper than buying him something. Besides what do you get the brother who has...

A Bear And Her Mother’s Mustang

May is an eventful month for me. It’s happenings include my stepfather’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, my annual mammogram, Mother’s Day and my countdown to the end of the school year. This year’s countdown is especially thrilling because it marks the end of my daughter’s elementary school years. My youngest child, my baby, is going...