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Monthly archive February, 2010

A Trumpet and True Happiness

To those who have not yet learned the secret of true happiness, begin now to study the little things in your own door yard. George Washington Carver Have you ever had one of those days when you are just happy and at peace living in the moment?   I’ve had those days before. Few and...

Happily Nostalgic

This has been a weirdly emotional week for me. I’m usually not a very sentimental person. I’ve even been accused of being a cold-hearted bitch. Granted it was by a bitter and drunk ex-boyfriend, it still counts. But an unusual confluence of events occurred this past week which culminated in an evening consisting of moments...

Cleaning House

I’m cleaning house. Literally. Yesterday was my longtime cleaning lady’s last day. A few people think I’m crazy for letting her go. She didn’t charge too much, only came every other week and kept me from having to clean the toilets. (You don’t want to know about my husband’s digestive system.) And there are a...