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Monthly archive January, 2010

Joie De Vivre

I went to a close friend’s 40th birthday party over the weekend. The invitation said that it was a B.L.T. party, meaning that we were to dress in black tie, lingerie or a toga. Anyone not abiding with this request would be required to leave their pants at the door. No kidding. Well, I love...

Make-Up Hickey

My husband did something wrong on Sunday night. Not illegal or life-changing or even earth-shattering. Just inconsiderate. You know, the things that men do sometimes. And he rarely does this kind of thing. In fact, I frequently write about him in the most positive light. (Read “Yet Another Reason Why I Love My Husband”.) So...

Here’s Looking At You, Kids

It’s been cold down here in South Florida. Not comparable to the chill that my Northern friends have been experiencing but really cold for us, breaking a 107 year-old record the other morning that had me waking up to a temperature of 32 degrees. We’ve been running our heat for the last few days much...